Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Hack Windows Administrator Password In Safe Mode

Have you ever tried using someone’s computer when they said you couldn’t? And you cant log in because they have a password? 
Below is the step by step procedure where you can log in to machine
Just in case anyone is confused:

 Your Acount Name – the account name you wish to have
Victim Account Name – the account name of which you wish to change the password. 

Step 1:Restart the computer, and when it boots back up tap the f8 key a few times to go to a menu that asks about safe mode. 

Step 2:Select safe mode with Command Prompt. It should load into safe mode allowing you to use CMD.

 Step 3:Now what you need to do is type this command:net user YourAccountName localgroup administrators /add    NOTE: What this does is is create the account in the administrators group. =)

 Step 4:now type  shutdown -r -t 1     NOTE: this restarts the computer. 
Then log in with your newly created account.

Another way to do this is to do the same thing as earlier and boot into safe mode with command prompt
.Type this:  net user VictimAccountName *You should see this output - Please Enter a new password: Please Confirm new Password :
To add your account to the admin panel type this: net localgroup administrator “username” /add
This takes the account specified and changes the password to what you want.
Be careful as entering the password doesn’t show anything.

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