Thursday, August 08, 2013


what is ROAMING ? it refers to the extension of connectivity service in a location that is different from the home location where the service was registered.

Roaming4World travel scratch card saves you up to 80% on international roaming fees with international call forwarding solutions. Now you can travel Overseas with the peace of mind, of knowing that incoming call roaming charges will not concern you. Roaming4world forward your all incoming call on the number where you are travelling without any cost of international roaming fees by your carrier.
Roaming is not a free service, carriers charges a higher per minute rate for roaming capability and the fees for roaming are not standard and differ from carrier to carrier.
The most effective way to avoid roaming costs on incoming call is to purchase Roaming4World Scratch card ..... we connect your incoming call globally across the world.... Now you need to think twice where you are traveling and how much carrier fees you have to paid on returning, you need to buy Travel Scratch Card from your local provider store or PIN directly from your APP Store and forward your all calls where you are travelling through this app, it will reduce your cost up to 85%
Now no more big bills.

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Why do we need to buy an overseas prepaid sim card?

As it's a known fact that making and receiving calls from your original local 
mobile while roaming overseas is very expensive, therefore, it is obvious that 
using an overseas local SIM card at the country of your destination will allow 
you to save on call costs. Making local calls in the country of your destination 
are cheaper, data usage is cheaper and incoming calls are free. 
Roaming4world application automatically forwards your local mobile phone 
calls to your new number at the country of destination automatically. It is also 
cheaper for you to use the overseas prepaid SIM to call foreign partners and 
even calling back hom

When do I deactivate Roaming4world?

When you return to your home country. Kindly replace the foreign SIM card with your 
home SIM card, and press deactivate on the mobile application. This should be done 
as soon as you arrive at the airport when you return. Otherwise, you will not be able to 
receive calls on your mobile line at home.

How much will I be charged when I forward my calls 
to my new destination number through 
Roaming4world mobile application?

When you forward your calls to the new destination number of country you 
landed, using Roaming4world application, you will be charged a local call 
charge at your mobile operator rates. The charges are similar to your mobile 
calling a regular landline number.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amazing Table Of Contents For Blogger

Table Of Contents(TOC) is a very important feature which assembles your all blog posts under categories you earlier specified . It is very helpful in search engine optimisation . It helps visitors to navigate through the posts easily as it saves a lot of time for them.

How To Create ?

We have to follow some simple steps :

  1. Login to your Blogger account .
  2. Click on Pages .
  3. Create a new page and select HTML .
  4. Paste the code given below .

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Create A GOOGLE+ Page For Your Website or Blog

Creating a GOOGLE+ page is very easy .You have to follow some simple steps. Firslty you need to have a Google+ account or Gmail account , Google normally create it when you uses any of its services.Then go to create a page in options or follow the link .
  • Choose your category like Business,Product or another as you see below .

How To Add READ MORE To Your Posts

Here i will provide you a demo to add READ MORE to your posts . This buttons helps to show just a snippet of your blog posts .

Implementing in blogger is a easy way

Follow the easy steps, first here is the preview

Add Wonderful Sharing Widget For Your Posts

Add a wonderful sharing widget for your blog and website . Share this provide  you the best sharing widgets . you can add them below your posts , or as sidebar for your website,or on top of your website . It supports all the platforms like blogger, wordpress ,  websites , Joomla , iOS and many other .

Steps you need to follow -
  1. goto Share this , create your account .
  2. Click on Get Sharing Tools .
  3. Select your platform.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Top 50 Places To Get More Traffic

Getting traffic to your site/blog is the most important step for you .You spent hours in researching,writing your posts and uploading them, but unable to attract more visitors to your site/blog . To get the most out of each post you need 2 strategies -
  1. Promoting your posts.
  2. Getting backlinks