Thursday, January 03, 2013

Top 50 Places To Get More Traffic

Getting traffic to your site/blog is the most important step for you .You spent hours in researching,writing your posts and uploading them, but unable to attract more visitors to your site/blog . To get the most out of each post you need 2 strategies -
  1. Promoting your posts.
  2. Getting backlinks
Backlinks tell's the search engines that your site is popular. So, they in turn rank your links higher in search results. There are a lot of way getting backlinks free and promoting your posts or site's .

Where to promote and get backlinks for your site ?

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Linkedin
  5. Google+

    NEW FACEBOOK TIPS - For Facebook you can try to add images of your post and provide the link and caption above . It will help in more promotion and likes for your post . As the normal sharing on Facebook is not normally highlighted but if images are used they attract more users .
    See demo below -

find out the twitter's most followed celebrities.

  • Bookmarking Sites

    Reddit and Delicious are among the best social bookmarking sites to use, but they are helpful only when your article becomes popular . Digg is more helpful for Search Engine Optimization.  Warning - don't submit too much content of your own site yourself as it is considered a no-no in the Digg community .Stumbleupon is great for getting more traffic to your posts, but it can drive down your earning from ad clicks, so be careful. Delecious and newsvine are also good sites to promote your posts .
  1. Digg
  2. Reddit
  3. Delicious
  4. Newsvine
  5. StumbleUpon
  • RSS Feed Aggregators
    RSS feeds aggregators - they allow the readers to know when their favorite blogs posts a new article. These sites give the do-follow links to the blogs in their directories.They are great for getting backlinks .Technorati is one of the best and the rest are also good if you know how to make use of them .
  1. Technorati
  2. FeedShow
  3. NETimeChannel
  4. IceRocket
  5. feedraider
  6. RSS Micro
  7. socialmarker
  • Posting in Forums 
    Forums are also one of the best places to get backlinks .You can use your post links or site link when posting a query or replying to an answer .
  • Blog Commenting     
    Commenting on other blogs is an easy way to get backlinks .Some sites also provide the Best Comments or Top Commentors, So try to be the best commentor and you may get indexed in the search engine results while searching that site .
  • Article Directories
    The article directories are also of much use. Some of them also pay you for writing articles and some publish them only for free . But you can include links to your posts or site in those articles .
  1. HubPages
  2. Squidoo
  3. RedGage
  4. One Page Articles
  5. Bright Hub
  6. Demand Studios
  8. Gather
  9. This is Freelance
  10. Triond

    Blog Directories
    I consider the Blog directories as the best way to get traffic and backlinks .Make friends there ,discuss topics, promote your posts,help others and i am sure you will be amazed to see the change .

  • Guest Posting

    Many blogs allow writers to submit articles as guest posts .Write  your post in a  well-written format and make sure they are original and never published on other sites . If you have a nice article and gets chance to submit your articles to good website then it will drive you a lot of traffic.
    Write at your best and don't try to  save best articles for your blog or site , post it on another sites which drive traffic many times than yours.

    feel free to ask any queries .


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