Monday, December 31, 2012

Avoiding The App Errors And Crashes

We are so dependent on Smartphones ,the apps they offer and how Smartphones apps have changed our lives, that any crash of mobile apps can adversely affect the user. Smartphones can be considered as one of the most innovative gadget of the decade and in the recent times it has proved its power and even taken over the personal computer. 

Some of the most common issues faced while developing an app is a mobile app crash. It can occur due various reasons and mostly happens due to - 
  1. demand exceeding the supply
  2. incorrect memory, CPU usage
  3. bandwidth issues
  4. integration dependency
  5. browser incompatibility
  6. database issues
  7. poor front-end optimization
  8. network change
  9. fatal bugs at the time of production and device incompatibility

  App crash can turn out to be a disaster for users as well as the developers. The app crash can influence the data integrity and productivity of the application. The functionality included with an app will include storing data or developing a change in the data pattern. This kind of an app crash can affect the app developer adversely including a professional strain in his career. This will discourage clients and customers equally when they look out for apps developed by the same developer. It can also affect the profit and the market value for the app.              
The reason for an app crash needs to be identified by the app developer. The mobile application testing is the most reliable form to locate the issue and rectifying it in the application. An app crash can lead to memory leaks, stack smashing, multitasking, syncing conflicts, error codes, network connection, etc. Another issue that occurs during an app crash is the conflict between the application and OS. The OS plays a key role while running an app.
Some of the common ways to avoid a mobile application crash are-
  • The app developers need to analyze and rectify the errors or bugs while coding it so that it would not lead to any app crash.
  • Memory leaks need to be handled carefully by the app developer, as it can create app malfunction rapidly.
  • The updates of the application need to be updated from the application itself or can be based on the OS.
  • Most iOS apps have shown a tendency to to crash while they utilize third party APIs. Expert asks users to avoid such third party APIs.
  • While testing an application, the developer needs to analyze the platforms that are supported by the app.

    AUTHOR BIO - Michael is a copywriter with Zco Corporation interested in mobile technology and app development.

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