Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Important aspects of Android Game Development

Android Game Development could be termed as turning a hobby or passion into full time profession. The game developers need to have an original idea and a strong concept and develop an exceptional game for the Android platform. There are various categories for a game development sector and it is based on the age groups, types, payment mode, and many more criteria. 

One of the biggest factors that attract a larger audience in the gaming arena is the free games on the Play Store. The growing demand for Android and the recent enhancements in game technology has brought great opportunities in the Android Game market. Moreover the game buffs as well as the game developers have one of the biggest advantages of choosing their perspective of vision while playing a game; they can choose to build a 2D or 3D. There is also a wide variety to choose based on the game type and it includes simple games to strategy to arcades to racing or even board games. The player can choose his mode as well, whether he wants to play it in the single player more or the multiplayer mode.
When a game developer has decided an building a game in the Android platform, there are three important aspects which he needs to consider the most and it includes-
  • Character modeling for the 3D games – The characters designed and developed for the 3D requires a unique character distinction. The character needs specific and unique features like- facial expressions, signature style, exclusive costume designs, and more to add to his/her identity.  All these make the character personality an identity in the game.
  • Screen size and resolution - The Screen size in the android platform plays as a vital role and an important factor to reap success. While developing an Android game, the developer has to understand and analyze this restriction, which varies from a mobile device to another. By enhancing and confirming the appropriate scale proportions in the app with the right coding process, the game can achieve huge success.
  • Technically advanced game scenario- The stunning graphics, visual, and audio effects can improve the quality of the game. The ultimate looks provide the feel for the game and build the success rate.         
Some other important aspects that an Android game developer needs to remember are –

Game scenario - The entire feeling of the game can be elevated by the game scenario. The developer needs to give key importance to this sector. 

The landscape features, terrain, color combinations, textures need to be optimized which will in turn complete the entire character sequence.

Game Coding- The user-interface plays a vital role in all games and with challenging modes or levels the attention of the gamer can be built up. These details will also enhance in building the game a commercial hit.

Author Bio :
Tani Thomas, based in New Hampshire, is a copywriter at Zco Corporation and is interested in iPhone app development and mobile technology.


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