Friday, December 07, 2012

Some Online Tools For Search Engine Optimization

Search is the process of finding some thing. Search engine is used to perform search operation. In order to search for some thing we write  a query if we did not get the relevant information then we rewrite the query until we get the correct information, hence we can say that search is an iterative process. When we write a query as a result of it we get a result page that page is referred as Search Engine Result Page(SERP) in that page we can see two or three Paired Links(advertising links) and around ten Organic Links. Whenever you write a query the web server passes it to the Index server depending on the keyword provided in the query the index server find the location and number and passes it to the Document server. Document server is collection of data. According to the location and number reecieved from index server the corresponding results are retrieved from document server and we get on a SERP. On a Search Engine Result Page the process of giving ranking to the organic links is called as Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Online Tools For SEO

1. Keyword List Generator:
            Free keyword list generator tool is a software which is web based, allows users to generate more number of keyword phrases depending on the permutations of the keywords that a user enter.

2. Keyword List Cleaner:
            This keyword list cleaner tool is used to bad keywords from your list of keywords.

3. Link Suggestion Tool:
            Link suggestion tool is used to perform Yahoo and Google searches for user's keyword and for the term from the list of keywords. Always keep in mind that the rank of a link is partially inversely proportional to how easily it can be retrieved. 

4. Spider Test Tool:
            This spider test tool shows the source code (basically HTML code)  of the page(Search Engine Result Page), all outbound links on that page, and common phrases and words found in the page copy.

5. Keyword Density Analyzer:
            The name itself indicates that the keyword density analyzer anlyzes how often the keyword is mentioned in that content.

6. Typo Generator:
            Typo generator tool is used to generate a list of common misspellings and typos for domain names and AdWord ads. This typo generator tool is a software that should help user to produce low competition keywords. Low competetion keywords are easier to rank for with a traditional search Engine Optimization
7. Hub Finder:
            This tool is used to find the web pages that link to other competing sites which are likely to link your site

8. Domain Name Finder:
            This domain name finder tool gets keyword suggestions and find the names of associated domains.

9. Keyword List Comparison Tool:

            We have to use this tool to compare list of keywords against each other.
            Every day we come up with new technologies. To day we have discussed about search, search engine, Search Engine Opimization and online tools for SEO. Using search engines we can findout the information about geographical places, financial issues like loans for bad debt, restaurants, historical places so on. With this latest technologies every thing is a touch away from us.

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