Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Virtual Private Network and Gaining unrestricted internet Access

In today’s world, commuting to various regions has become more frequent and easier. With the technological advancements communication is not restricted in between these travels. With the launch of various Smartphones and different mobile apps the communication between various regions and parts of the world has become null. Even though android is a top contender in the Smartphone world, it seems users are facing access issues based on the travelling regions. Various law enforcement have restricted direct internet access to Android users in many countries.  There are countries that have cited strict internet censorship laws for its Android users. A large number of websites and online services have been restricted by various governments and certain websites are blocked on a regional basis. These restrictions and internet access block have affected Android users to a great extent. This has a major effect on the independence of Android customers across the world. Sites which have limited access differ based on regions.  

Geographical Restrictions faced by the Android Users
Most government authorities claim that these limitations provide good for their countries. These types of limitations prevent an Android user from attaining their personal liberty. An Android customer has the right to access details and share details; it is a key part of the user’s independence. A notable example is China, a country with tight online access rules and regulations. They often limit the nation’s citizen’s access to many sites. Chinese internet providers prevent many sites that are hosted in the U. S. and the United Kingdom. Citizens who live and work in the Chinese mainland have very limited option to access the internet.  The Chinese government reduces the risk by restricting sites hosted abroad. Similarly most of the Chinese websites cannot be accessed outside mainland China. These are blocked by Chinese government.
Unrestricted Access for Android Users
One of the best solutions for unrestricted net Access would be Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is effective and available 24/7 for Android operating system or Android users. An Android based VPN allows clients accessibility to restricted websites. Moreover, an Android managing VPN provides clients accessibility to websites that are otherwise restricted or blocked due to geographical limitations. An Android VPN makes a secured channel or an encrypted channel. When any individual connects to the internet via a VPN, the user’s IP address is replaced with the help of the VPN server and it provides a different IP.  Thus the Android user can gain complete access of the internet even when there are geographical limitations.
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