Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How To Protect Gmail Account From Being Hacked

How To Protect Gmail Account From Being Hacked

Email account is one of the important for all of us. we use email each day. Also for all other log-in’s we use our email address so all the important passwords and other details will be stored only on our account. So everything is controlled by only our email account. if it is hacked means hackers will get all the information. so it is a biggest loss for us. So beware of hackers so Protect your gmail account before getting hacked.
Security of your Gmail account is very important matter. Think what happens if someone hacked your gmail a/c password. However by default gmail has many built-in security features to provide good protection to your account but many Gmail A/C’s are Hacked by Hackers due to mistakes of users.
Actually Users are not so aware about the double security feature of gmail and many more smart features of Gmail. Most of Us when Sign-up to any service provider like Facebook, Youtube, Blogger etc.. we use Gmail for creating a/c with them that means gmail has become very important part of our life like our mobile phone but in this Genration Hackers are very smart they just look at your single mistake and they stole your unvaluable email account password and get your all important data.

Here are some useful tips on securing your Gmail account and avoid getting hacked:

  • Always Check The URL before Logging in to Gmail
Whenever you log in to your Gmail account, always check the URL from the browser address bar. This is because there are plenty of dirty minds who create an exact replica of the Gmail login page. The worst part – they install some scripts or malicious codes behind the fake login page and host the page in their web server. When you login to Gmail from a fake login page, your username as well as password is sent to another email address or to an FTP location
  • Never Check Internet at Public Places
A Keylogger is a computer program which can be used to record what you are typing in the keyboard. The Keylogger records your keystrokes, saves them in a simple text file and sends it to an email address or to an FTP server. And you are completely unaware of the whole process, running in the backgroundYou never know which programs are installed in a public computer.Hence, never check emails at a local cafe or at public places or in any computer where you don’t have control.

  • 2 Step Security Verification
Who are very serious for the protection of their Gmail A/c then this feature is must for them. First know that this Feature is offer by Gmail and is not the default feature of your account you have to activate this feature in order to double protect your account.By using 2 Step Security Verification even some one Hacked your Gmail username & password but still he can’t get access to your account because he don’t have access to your mobile phone.. Excited ! it is true. By using this security shield no one is able to Hack you’re a/c.

Steps to Protect Gmail Account by using 2 Step Verification are as follows :

Login to your Gmail account
Goto your account setting page .
Now you will be redirected to new page under security options click on ” Using 2-Step Verification” for the Sms Configuring.
Now Click on Start Setup
Now you’re on Set up of 2 Step verification First Select your Country then enter your mobile number. you can also select the option for getting PIN[ code ] via text or voice call. Now click send code you will got then enter the code to verify and click Next
Again click Next and then click on Turn On 2 Step Verification that’s it.. you’re done now. Now everytime when you sign up to your Gmail Account from any public computer you need code for signing up to your gmail a/c.

  • Always Check last Account Activity

If you really don’t want to compromise with your important data then always check last account activity. This is also a very smart feature of gmail. You can check Access type(Browser, mobile, POP3, etc.), Location (IP address) and Date and Time also according to your time zone. usually will see this details in the bottom right of your gmail a/c.

  • Ø Always use https[ Secure connection]

Well by default gmail comes with secure connection but for security reasons you should doublecheck it. Go to Settings [ if you're using new gmail ] so you will redirect to Gmail Setting Page scroll your mouse usually in 5th option there is radio button option with Browser connection > click on always use https and click save.

Ø Do not Click on Suspicious Links

There are some websites which let’s anyone send fake emails to any email address. And the worst part is that the sender can customize the “From” address to anything – or

When you receive any emails which asks you to change your account password or enter login credentials, STOP. Do not ever click on any suspicious links from your inbox.

  • Ø Strong Passwords

Well many of us are aware of using secure passwords but are not using secure password may be for the easiness and for the fear of forgeting or another one. If that is your reason or anyother than you can also note it down in your diary. Using secure password is very helpful if you use secure password [ letter + Symbol + Numbers ] = [ A-Z, a-z + !@#$%^&* + 0 , 1-9 ] then it will become impossible for any hacker to Guess your passwords. So always use strong passwords


  1. One thing that cannot be over emphasized is taking advantage of the two-factor authentication which is available on several social media sites. If you opt into 2FA, you will have to "Confirm your phone". You would receive a text message with a specific code to be entered into the system. If you don't want to do this every single time, you can designate your smartphone, PC, or tablet as a trusted device and will allow you to telesign in without the text code. Should an attempt to login from an unrecognized device happen, it would not be allowed. I know if you use several devices it is a pain to setup, but the end result will be peace-of-mind knowing you are that much more secure. It is worth the extra time it takes to setup and have the confidence that your account won't get hacked and your personal information isn't up for grabs.

  2. yeah it was under 2 step verification
    by the way thnx dude :)