Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Converting your laptop into a router/Wifi Hotspot

Converting your laptop into a router/Wifi Hotspot

There is always somthing cool you can do when you have a laptop , an internet connection and lots of spare time(like me :P ) . I am recently finding problem is syncing my Android phone with my laptop and while I was trying out every possible trick to sync it , then I came across another cool thing which I thought can intrest my blog readers . There was also a massive response to my previous blog on Cain and Able.

So If you dont have a router and a sin
gle network connectivity through your Etherent card but you want to connect other devices as well then what should you do ?
Here is a simple solution to you. By using a simple software called Connectify you can convert your laptop into a router and can access other devices through it like your mobile phone , another laptop , game device etc .
You can download connectify from here - DOWNLOAD CONNECTIFY.

Simply follow the steps on screen to install connectify.
After you are done wih installation you have to make some small settings to start your work with.
You will have to set up an SSID for the router as the name to be identified as the network .

Then select the type of network you want to share with , it can be your wireless internet or your LAN etc.

Once you are done with it , your laptop is ready to function as a router. The following screen shows how my HTC is connected to my laptop to access the internet through it.

Hope you would love to experiment with this cool software .You can also bridge the connections to bring out more connectivity amongst your different options.
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