Saturday, October 13, 2012

How To Host Your Blogger Blog On Your Own Custom Domain

Today in this post I will tell you how you can use blog on your own domain. Making blog in is one of the easiest way to start with for bingers. And with that having a custom domain instead of using * is plus point for the SEO of your blog. So let see how we can host blog on custom domain
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After you shift your blog to new domain you don’t have worry about your old visitors who know your old * address when they will visit through old address they will get redirect to your new one.
For those who already have domain1.       Go to the website where your domain is hosted
2.       Login to your account
3.       Now go to the place you can get access to your DNS Management or Name Server Management4.       Now delete the existing CNAME for the address you want for your blog (if it is already created)
5.       Now create new CNAME and give the address for your blog and in the place of CNAME give you are using any of this sites to host your domain, click on them to know how you can do the above process in them
v  GoDaddy.comv  ix web hostingv  1and1v  EveryDNS.netv  Yahoo!SmallBusinessv  No-IPv  DNS Park6.       After your site pointed out to Google success fully go to Blogger.com7.       Login to your account
8.       Go to Settings –> Publishing (for the blog you want)
9.       Now go to Custom Domain –> Switch to advanced settings10.   Now enter the domain for which you created the CNAME
11.   Now fill the Word Verification12.   Then click on SAVE SETTINGSFor those who buying new domain1.       Go to Settings –> Publishing (for the blog you want)
2.       Now go to Custom Domain3.       Type the domain name you want
4.       Fill the word verification box
5.       Now click on CHECK AVAILABILITY6.       You will see a Google page where it will be written is available is already registered (If it’s already registered then chose the other domain). Then click on Continue button.
7.       Now fill the form accordingly and don’t forget to read and tick the Agreements. If you don’t agree with their Agreement then you can’t have a custom domain from them.
8.       Now click on I accept. Proceed to Google Checkout » (click only if you accept theAgreement).
9.       Now you will see the Google checkout page where they will ask you to add Credit Card details (before giving the credit card details please check it that the link should be something like this { ?o=shoppingcart&shoppingcart;=xxxxx} )
="margin-left: 35.45pt;">They will ask Credit Card details if you have never added it before orit got expired.
10.   Now go through the following steps as they tell and read everything carefully.
Now go to your blog through old address and see you will get redirect to your blog on the new domain.
For more details about custom domain Click hereIf you have any question or problem let me know.

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