Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Smart Phones You Can't Miss in 2012

The competition in smart phone market in 2012 can be pretty fierce. Android and iOS are all bringing us some exciting phones, and the born of Windows Phone 8 made the market smells like feudal lords vying for the throne.

Samsung Galaxy S III

We have been raised very high for GS III and I think Samsung had met us with this amazing phone. Compared to GS II, it realized the improvements in all aspect, the new processor, 2GM RAM, HD screen, what’s more, Samsung Galaxy S III not only adopts metal and glass material design, but also even thinner than GS II.

Nokia Lumia 920

September 2012, Nokia launched Lumia 920 with PureView camera and a top-level screen. It is also the first Windows Phone 8 phone from Nokia, (Samsung released the first WP8 phone in the world). From the sale data we can say this is the best Windows Phone of Nokia, although it also has some flaws, but it proves that Nokia and Microsoft are ready to against Apple and Samsung.

iPhone 5

iPhone is already a pretty mature brand and it is the best phone ever in the history you can get. As a result, people are certainly having the feeling that Apple would and should refresh our views on what a phone can do. But believe me you should not have such a mind, as everything will have a limitation. iPhone 5 didn't get some amazing new design or once again revolutionized  the technology, but to be honest, it is also one of the best smart phones in 2012.

Google Nexus 4

With every high-light on LG Optimus G phones while without all the weakness, this is Google Nexus 4. Fast, smooth and pure Android operating experience, Google once again demonstrate their foresight in choosing partner. But Nexus 4 only support HSPA+ but not LTE, Google explained it’s because the LTE network is not that widespread in the world at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Although the first edition of Galaxy Note contains some “terrible” shortcomings, Galaxy Note II has already wiped them out. It adopts Android 4.1 Operating System, the in-time hardware provides you top-level operating fluency. You barely feel stumble in enjoying HD video or playing 3D games.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD

Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD definitely deserve “Razr” series glory. You can easily differ them from other Android phones upon their iconic Motorola design. The most prominent characteristic of these two phones is the ultra-long standby time, they adopt a huge battery but the entire body doesn't  looks thick and even pretty thin. No doubt this is the killer-skill of these two phones.


HTC Droid DNA is positioned as HTC’s leading product. This phone adopts their traditional bar-shape design and a pretty deluxe hardware. Mentioned the hardware, you can’t miss its 5-inch 1080 HD screen, the ppi reaches incredible 440, while iPhone 5 just has a 326 ppi screen.

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