Sunday, December 16, 2012

WhatsApp best selling iPhone app

According to the 'best of 2012' list, messaging app WhatsApp was the best-selling iPhone app of the year, while Apple's Pages word processor was the best-selling iPad app of the year. 

The number one free iPhone app of the year was YouTube app, released in September after Apple dropped the version of the app which came pre-installed on the iPhone until iOS 6. 

The top free app for the iPad was Skype, the video calling service, the Telegraph reports. 

According to the paper, Apple also listed its editors' apps of the year. 

Paper, a notepad and sketching application, was Apple's iPad app of the year and the runner-up was Green Kitchen - a recipe app for vegetarians. 

For the iPhone, Apple's editors picked Airbnb, the travel service, as app of the year, with taxi app Hailo as runner-up, the paper said. 

Rayman Jungle Run, a platform game, was iPhone game of the year, while Super Hexagon - a tricky and visually striking game - was the runner-up, it added.

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  1. My iPod touch has a cracked screen, will apple repair it or replace if for the 110$?
    I want to get one with a bigger hard drive but will Apple repairs it and then send me a new one which I could return to the apple store and get a one with a bigger hard drive?